Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Man On The Street.........Tuesday?

Yes, today was man on the Street Tuesday for me. Although, I wasn't on the street, so I guess it would be "Man In The Class Tuesday".

It was an interesting Man In The Class Tuesday, the first one that I have ever hosted, and it was actually an accident. I didn't realize that's what I was doing till I got home, then I decided that I have to bring my camera next time. ;)

The question for this tuesday was "what do you think about the war?" The responses I recieved were........well, amazing in my oppinion. I only got to "poll" 3 people but the reactions were sad, to say the least. The first person I asked responded " Oh, um, hm, I don't really know". Okay, so thats kinda your typical American teen that doesn't pay a whole lot of attention and is more pre-occupied with the upcomming prom than anything.

The second person I saked responded this way " well, I thought it was necessary at the time, but now its kinda drawn out" (yes, the First person I asked agreed with this statement after it was made).
Now those type of responses are enough to get me on a rant; which I did. My response was "Well, the Iraq war started 3 years ago. When we went in March 3 years ago, it was a poverty stricken tyrannical dictatorship ran by a terrorist who gassed his own people to death. In the course of 3 years, Iraq is now getting to be a democracy, they have had elections, voted people into the parliamentary offices, and Now we are working on a constitution. In 3 years. Now, if you look at it in relation to America. it took us a LOT longer than 3 years to be free of great Britian, and we were under the articles of confederation for 8 years before we came up with a constitution. So if you put it in the Right perspective: a lot of progress has been made, and it hasn't dragged on, its just reported that way."

After hearing my rant she nodded and changed the subject......typical. I kinda felt sorry for her though, I think she watched too much CNN.

The third person I asked was well.........typical..again. "so what do you think of the war?" "what?" she asked. "the war....Iraq?" I said. "Oh" was her response. so i stood there, waiting for a further response.....and she just smiled and continued on with her previous conversation about shoes.

So I guess thats a look at your typical American Teenagers. Haha, its very sad really, but I was enjoying myself and realizing, for the millionth time, how weird I really am. Oh well, hey The few..the Proud..STAND! and I'm proud to be one of those few!


onefiddle said...

Those are very sad responses!

Matt A. said...

sad... *sobs*

MVB said...

I hope you ran away after she started talking about shoes.... how boring. :)

But it is sad that teenagers take such little interest in today's politics and the Iraq War.