Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93

I went to the premier of United 93 this evening. It was one of the BEST movies I have EVER seen!

Watching it, was like being brought back in time. Even though I knew the outcome of the whole thing, it seemed as though it had happened for the first time in history.

It brought back so many memories and it also showed the side of 9/11 that not many people see. How many people get an inside glimps of what went on behind the scenes at the FAA, ad all the local and state airport authorities?

I'm having a hard time expressing exactly what watching it was like, but I basically feel the same way I did right after watching the towers fall 4 years ago. The shock, awe, and anger towards those cowards that did this to us. But at the same time the American Pride that wells up inside.....the knowing that We ARE doing the right thing, and that we WILL NEVER forget, and that THE TERRORISTS WILL PAY the consquences of attacking us.

United 93 was not some movie you could go watch and not be impacted in some way or another. I left the theater in respect of those on flight 93 and a passion, to support those who have died and are fighting for us today.

Every True American should watch United 93 out of support for those who risked thier lives for others.

Let the world know, We Will Never Forget!



MVB said...

If only the Liberal "peace wackos" would remember what happened that day! I'm glad that this film was made... Hopefully, I can see it soon. It was rated "R" right? Why was that?

MG said...

Watching it, was like being brought back in time.

yes. it was. i watched it at a theatre in NYC, and the room was silent. The film was well done. And of course very tragic. But it was hardly "the best movie ever" and it certainly didn't have ANYTHING to do with what is going on over in Iraq today.

The movie showed the men praying, and then hijacking the plane. these men were Saudi citizens...NOT Iraqis. Secondly, the actions taken by a few, does not mean that invasion of a middle-Eastern state and bringing Civil War to that country was the right thing to do.

Our gov't should have been focused in Afghanistan - finished the job there, and located Osama bin-laden.

For most New Yorkers that watched that movie -- all it did was remind us that there is still a murderer at large, and our gov't is wasting time in a needless country, while sending more and more young Americans off to die.

Oh - and by the way - I would probably fit what you refer to as a "Liberal peace wacko" -- and I assure you, I remember VIVIDLY what happened that day. I worked at the WTC, and I had friends killed in the towers. I remember it every single day. so call me whatever you want, but don't question my memories.