Friday, February 24, 2006

Wake up America!

Well there have been a few things that have just been sitting around in my mind and just bugging me to the point that I NEED to get it out!!!! So for starters.....

America you need to WAKE UP!!!! I know I said this earlier but LOOK AROUND and PAY ATTENTION! things are happening RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES and WE are not doing ANYTHING about it!

CHURCH! WAKE UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We as Christians are NOT suposed to be inactive in the world around us! we are supposed to STAND up for what we believe, NOT SIT and watch our right to worship God be taken away!! CHRIST did not sit and let things be, he was ACTIVE HE changed the world, and we are supposed to follow Christ! HE made a difference, its time for us to make a difference too!

We as Americans...As CHRISTAINS especially need to stand up for what we believe, even if it means we get ridiculed for it!
One of the amazing things about being an American is that we have the PRIVELEDGE of VOTING and making our voices heard! yet SO many of us don't even go to the polls!

Do we as americans understand that this gift, this "right to vote" is NOT had by most nations in the world? do we understand that not everyone has the "right" to make their voice heard? This is a precious gift, but FEW use it! WHY?!

"well you know kierstyn, politics and christianity don't always intersect"
"Politics is all one corrupt organization"
" you know, its hard to be a christian and be in politics"
"well my vote won't count"
Those are some of the many general responses I get from people I meet when I answer the questions " what are you going to be when you grow up?" or "what college are you going to?" or "you're really into politics aren't you?"

and THOSE responses make me mad. because first of all, while politics and Christianity don't always intersect NOW, they CAN IF we let it.

Really, the base of ANY party is what keeps it going, and if the base is largely Christian, we are going to see more Christian candidates in politics. Christian candidates DO run for election. Take Alan keyes, -he ran in the 2000 primaries- he is a devout Christian, and very pro life, yet he didn't make it out of the primaries. Why? I would venture to say, that while Christains held the same beliefs that he did, the Christian voters did not go out to the polls in the primaries to vote for him.

"Politics is all one corrupt organization" -this comming from a "christain rapper" friend of mine while we were geting the word out about a concert. I was in the car with a bunch of other people and didn't feel like starting an argument. But look, while it CAN be corrput, and with some politicians it is, it doesn't HAVE to be! It doesn't have to be corrupt if we would stand up and make a diference!

"you know, its hard to be a Christain and be in politics" WHY? why is it hard? because its challenging, is that what makes it hard? where have we come as a society, if it a challenge is what should make someone re-think the call that God has placed on his/her life? Yes, I know it will be hard, it is hard just to be a Christain. But that doesn't stop me from being one, where have we come as a society to believe that something being hard to accomplish is not a good thing? how come eveything has to be easy? why is hard bad? Why am I and the few others like me being discouraged to do something that we know God has called us to do........JUST because its hard?
Not doing something becuase it is hard shows a lack of character. Where wouild we be today, if our founding fathers gave up the war for independence because it was hard?
WE WOULDN"T BE A NATION!!!! and get this, WAR is HARD, yet we had the GUTS to fight, and because it was hard and they perservered they had a character quality inside themselves called perserverence. Even though the task was dautning (going to war against the worlds super power, with a rag tag militia) they overcame that obstacle, and won the war.

"My vote won't count" That is one of the MOST ANNOYING things anyone can say to me. If everyone had that SAME attitude, NO ONE would vote. which means whatever guy was in office would stay there for a really really really long time. YOUR vote DOES count, when you vote it is YOUR voice being heard. YOU are contributing to the person you support being elected, and THAT matters!

You know, soemtimes the willingness of people to conform to whatever others want them to confrom to REALLY irritates me. we need to be Impervious, which means unable to penetrate, we need to take a stand for what we believe, before we lose the "right" to stand up.



MVB said...


You're absolutely right! Keep ranting... :)

Matt A. said...

*cheers* Amen!! Keep preaching the great gospel!

Kierstyn Paulino said...

Thanks guys, its nice to know I actually have some supporters out there!


David said...

Totally with you there!

CARL said...

Amen Sister!!! Brilliant responses to those comments from the tired and the lame. You have great zeal and enthusiasm; And strength of character too!!! Your generation IS GOING TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

GOD has thousands JUST LIKE YOU out there, for such a time as this!!!

Woe to all the pacifists, socialists, and liberals (*they all mean Democrats for those of you in Rio Linda) at every level of governmnet!!! A Generation (J) is coming in to take the land, and shine GOD's GREAT LIGHT on this country!!!

love dad

Bill said...

Great post. Everything in this post is correct.