Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day! (Update 1)

It's finally here!

Many dedicated people have spent all year campaigning for this day. The time has arrived. If you haven't already voted now is the time to do it!

Evidently on the east coast it seems to be rainy while people are headed to work and the polls. In my State it is forecasted to rain all day. The rain is a great thing for the turn-out, not so great for Floridians like me who aren't used to 50 degree weather and rain occurring simultaneously.

In other news, it looks like Maine's senate race is going well, the poll is a little old. Although, with the campaigning going on up there this week, I think it might end up being close to accurate.

There will be more election updates later on today, keep watching, and if you're old enough, GO VOTE!

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Marcie said...

I voted! YAY. :-)