Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Few Public Awareness Announcements.

* begin public awareness announcements*

For the few of you that read my other blog you already know about the podcast. But for those of you that don't...

I'm doing a podacst with NeoFacist? and Joe. We all got on Thursday night to see if it worked, only to realize that Macs and Windows have some major compatability issues. However, around midnight we figured out a way to overcome those "technical difficulties"; all we have to do now is record (hopefully).

All that goes to say: look out for a new podcast comming soon!

Also, do you support our troops?
If you do, please check out Operation Completion. It is a series of student ran pro-military rallies, and we could really use your help! All the information is on the website, so go check it out!

*end public awareness announcements*

1 comment:

Matt A. said...

Operation Completion is awesome...I had hoped to help when I heard about it before it launched, but with Teenpact and some other stuff Mom decided to veto my traveling ideas...