Monday, March 13, 2006


Hey everyone,

I would do a "real" post, BUT I have to prepare for some midterm stuff. So instead I thought some discussion on a what could be considered "hot topic" would be edifying. I will follow up with a "real" post on this topic later. However, first things first :

What do you think of Welfare?
-Is it a necessary evil? is it good? is it bad?
Why do you believe that?

(note-these answers MAY be used in an article I'm writing)

a young skull not so full of mush as some people would like to believe,
Kierstyn P.


Alexander Blair said...

Welfare? 10th Amendment. :D

onefiddle said...

Welfare is not helping our nation. It invokes laziness. And if you think about it, it is a communist practice.

Why should my tax dollars go to "help" someone who won't work, and thus "needs" the money?

The government could do a lot of better things with my money, like repaving my road. That would be nice.

paradoxically correct said...

Well, I take the more 'it depends on the person' paradigm. Some people are truly and genuinely impoverished. They can't help their poverty. Should we let children starve because of their parent's poverty? No. In that case, I say that yes, the government should be involved in that.

To people who don't work and get money FOR not working, I say this: see how hungry you get when you don't get food from the government. Then reconsider your inability to work. Hunger does work wonders.

BTW, Kierstyn...very awesome blog. We need more conservative teens! I love your play on words... I, too am politically incorrect. :)

CARL said...

Hey Kierstyn!

Great topic! Welfare is un-biblical, in that the Bible says if a man doesnt work, he shouldn't eat! Moreover, the government has no GOD ordained role in providing food etc. for those in need. That is the job of the church. If you read Acts 4:35. 6:1-3, and James 1:27 you'll find no mention of THE GOVERNMENT in the provision of those IN NEED!

Why do you suppose GOD gives this charge to the church rather than the government?

Also, Welfare IS UN-CONSTITUTIONAL. The arcticle on your BLOG talked about "Billions" being hard to understand! This nation has spent several TRILLION on the "War on Poverty" and all we have to show for it are generations of families living in squaller at taxpayer expense, complaining that the government isnt doing enough! No wonder. Christ said - you will always have the poor with you.

Government cannot change that! Government has no power to change a life, to lift one up(the best they can do is get out of the way). Only Christ Jesus can do that, that's why HE sent the church into the world.

I loook forward to readin' your article!

love dad

Jonathan M said...

Welfare en large is a waste, however, for some circumstances a safety net is helpful. But again, people who CAN work should be.