Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reed lost. :(
But OC is this week, so even if last night wasn't what I would call a victory, the rest of this week will be great! :D

My favorite campaign story of the last 2 days:

Last door of the night I walk up and this kid opens the door.

me:"Hi, is your mom here?"

"yeah, hold on" *kid runs to get her*

*his little sibling comes out*"did you come here before?"
me: "no"

little kid"ok" *runs off*

mom "hello?"

I start speel

mom: *sigh* "No, sorry we're moving. We're a military family so, we're packing up..."

me: *grin* "wow. Thank you SO much....I can't even express how grateful I am to all of you for serving and doing that..."

mom: *jaw*

me: "Oh! something that will greatly encourage you, do you have a computer with internet access?"


me "Ok, go to we have REAL news from the war by someone in the Army Corps of engineers. OC is student run pro-military rallies, one is comming to GA this week. It will greatly encourage you, there ARE people that support you...*grin*"

mom: *shock/grin* "how old are you?"

me *told her*

mom *shock* "you are sharp girl, you're sharp...I'll check that out *grin*"

me: "ok, and Thank you *beam*"


Alex King said...

Wow! That's a great story Kierstyn :D

*is also sad about Reed*

Caleb S (PHC SI 2006) said...

Nice! I love how amazed people are at the results of a home school education and a Christian background! Great work on the campaign.

The Firebrand said...

well, we need to podcast Kierstyn! You can't do saturday eh? Not even late saturday? Like...maybe 12 your time?

dave said...

hmmm, she'd probably say i was like dullest kid or something (i'm not a good stranger talker) good job