Monday, April 03, 2006

Amature Homeland Security Policy

Department of Homeland Security
Policy by the Secretary of Homeland Security: Kierstyn P. (American Patriot)

One of the highest priorities of governments is the well being of their nation. This includes homeland security, for if your homeland is not secure you are more vulnerable to attacks from the inside as well as outside. Our domestic policy is just as important as foreign. If we are weak on the outside yet strong on the inside we are put at risk. If we are strong on the outside and weak on the inside we are still at risk. For a nation to remain sovereign we need not only to be strong internationally, but we need especially to be strong in keeping the homeland secure. In order to do that I propose the following plan:

*this is just the initial plan, it is subject to updates and revisions as deemed necessary*

Border Patrol:
Construct a wall between the Mexico Border.
Design will be a replica of the Israeli wall (trenches, barbed wire, and electric fence).
The wall will go about 20 feet under ground.

Any US citizen within 20 miles of the border should have authenticated proof of citizenship.

The Cost of construction should be 9 billion
The Cost of Labor will be none since the builders will be convicts.
The wall will serve as a deterrent against illegal immigrants and will keep our borders secure.
If for some reason an illegal makes it across the fence, and does not stop when called upon. The border security (or minutemen) already in place will have the authority to use any means necessary to get that individual to stop.

Nuclear, radiological, counter attacks:

Raise terrorist alert standards to “extreme”.
Work with D.o.D. and S.o.S
Check with Governors to make sure their respective States are able to handle the situation.
Be sure that the Governor’s have a plan of action etc...

Biological Attacks
Set up a system (if there isn’t one already) so that mail/packages can be scanned for biological chemicals.
Estimated cost
2 billion

Airport security

Keep the “status quo” but allow profiling of suspects.
Cost: should be the same amount that is currently spent on airport security.


Stefan said...

Sure you can use some of my ideas in your policy. Interesting points. Some can be improved/simplified, but good start!

MVB said...

Looks good, Kierstyn! :) I like the wall idea.... We could build the "Great Wall 2"!

Jonathan M said...

I must say that I really don't like the idea of a wall. Walls are often indicative of repressive communist states. U.S. is a beacon of freedom in the world. A wall would be a terrible icon. Instead we need to make it easier for honest people to get across and for the dishonest people, we need some tougher security - not a wall.

William Richards said...

A fence with signs on it reading "This way to a legitimate entrance, please wipe feet before entering." in English, Spanish, Latin, Arabic and Chinese (Hey, you never know what nationality these guys might be) and a big arrow pointing to the nearest gate should be put up. (I'm just kidding about the "please wipe feet before entering" part, in case you didn't notice)