Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fires update

This came in earlier tonight...

Once again thanks for all the prayers! This morning the fire hit 60,000 acres and has slowed up some. At noon it was 62,500 acres, which is rather slow as compared to earlier in the week. Dad and I continued to get cows out of the way of the fire, gathering probably 70 this morning. The main part of the fire is off the ranch, but a TON of hotspots still flare up every day and continure burning more and more. Firefighters hope to have one of the larger ones mopped up about now, but it is starting to thunderstorm, unless the storm brings rain we could be in trouble as it is packing a LOT of wind.... *phone rings* *returns five minutes later* Well folks as I was typing the above a miracle happened. Some of the fire is most likely still burning, but my Dad was on the phone. He and his boss were out putting some salt out to keep the cows away from the fire. They decided to pray, the prayed, and it rained!!!! That rain put a lot of the fire out. Due to the amount of smoke, we cannot tell if any other fire is still out there, but the Lord has definetly moved. Thank you very much for your prayers as I have no doubt they have helped! It appears that this storm will be packing some rain which is excellent! Praise the Lord as He has brought His healing rain!

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