Friday, June 30, 2006

Our Mission, and What We're Proving

Edit: This will continue to be updated as more bloggers join, but Matt has an awesome article up on his website:


Operation Completion is now making its way to the eastern side of the country.

I have been working with Operation Completion since January. It has been the most amazing experience. If there was one thing that sets us apart from other rallies, it is the fact that we are entirely ran by students.

Lets face it, most of society's veiw of teenagers today is as lazy, unreliable, unmotivated and irresponsible.

Not only are we showing our heroes (or at least MY heroes) that we do follow what they're doing and support them, but we are proving to society that our generation is not all in the mainstream.

We are proving that we are capable of handling GREAT responsibility, and pressing on. We are committed, dedicated, and motivated, to complete our mission and rally America to support the troops in completing theirs!

Operation Completion
has had success in all 3 rallies thus far, lets keep that success going. Let us prove to America, we are able. More importantly, let us show those who have and are sacrificing themselves for OUR generation, that we and most of America support them!

Every proud American should get involved in sending out this message of hope and encouragement to the troops! We support them, let them see it!

On that note, I'm doing a blogroll, one big thing we need is to get the name and mission out. If you write a post about Operation Completion/how we need to support the troops and tell me, I'll link to the post.

Let's comlpete this mission!
Kierstyn P.

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Prince Myshkin said...

Interesting stuff... I've never heard of OperationC. How's it going? I finally got a new article up today, too.