Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Update 7

Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue won re-election!

Corker is still ahead in Tennessee.

Allen still leads by 1% (or approx 30,000 votes) in Virginia.

The Maryland race is at a tie between Steele and Cardin. 34% of precincts have reported.

Olympia Snowe still has the lead in Maine.

In Pennsylvania the race is 60-40 in Casey's favor.

In South Dakota the refferrendum results are:

SD - Bans all abortions unless one is needed to prevent the death of the mother
20% Precincts Reporting

No-29,543 (55%)

Yes-24,657 (45%)

Also, Matt A. gave me some insight into the "checks". As far as he can tell, it was the FoxNews election prediction.

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