Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Final Election Update (10)

Last night we went to bed wondering what the final out come would be in the United States Congress. This morning, we woke up with the democrats in control and new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The Senate has been reported to be in the democrat's hands as well. Although I believe we are still waiting for the official results.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has also resigned today. The Press conference that the President had today was rough as well.

This was a bad day for conservatives, however , it's not the end of the world...Yet. Just because we lost congress does not mean that we can no longer make a difference. In fact, now more than ever is the time we need to get involved. We also need to remember that the key to changing our Nation lies in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.


Detective J said...

We need to remember that politics are not the key, changing people's hearts is. However, it's good to be politically involved.

mg said...

Thank God the American people have wised up and elected men and women who truly care about this nation, rather than pushing forward their one-sided conservative Christian agenda.

This is a great week for America.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Wow. I've seen you around the blogosphere, and you can come up with some real doozies.

The only "great" part of the result of this election is that it should shake up the Republican party to get back MORE to its conservative roots, while simultaneously exposing the Democrats, setting up 2008 for an immediate take-back of Congress and a retaining of the presidency.

On the contrary of what you have "thanked God" for, thank God that He is so strong and wise that He can accomplish His will IN SPITE of elections and liberals. And, thank God that there doesn't appear to be a big enough majority in Congress to put this country in the jeopardy of Democrats' ideas. And, thank God that some of the Democrats seem to hold conservative positions.

"Men and women who truly care about this nation"? Like wanting to raise taxes? Like wanting to put the American people in jeopardy by stopping the Patriot Act? Like wanting to put the American people in danger by stopping terrorist surveillance? Like opposing a border fence? Like some wanting to cut-and-run in Iraq? Like some insulting the troops--high ranking and low--and making terrible accusations against them? Like some wanting to shut down Gitmo, Cuba? Like not wanting aggressive interrogations? Like most being pro-choice--pro the slaughter of innocent human beings (would-be Americans)?
I fail to see how the Democrats are the ones "who truly care about this nation."
Suppose you were right: would that make the terrorists ones "who truly care about this nation," too? Because they seem happy because of and emboldened by the Democrats' victory.

Kierstyn: Thanks for your updates on election night. Especially on the South Dakota abortion issue. Fox News (TV) wasn't even showing the results for that. Unfortunately, I wasn't too up on that issue (of that being on the ballot). Liberals were going wild that it got shot down, but the bottom line is that the margin was something like 55-45. Close enough to keep fighting. Close enough to get this type of measure on more ballots.

Stefan said...

Yeah, this is a set back, but I think we will be better for this in the long run. Plus, the left dosen't have a 2/3rds majority in either House of Congress, so nothing really big can happen.

abby said...

hello! I found you through the rebelution (though I have been to your site at various otehr times) and I thought I would say hello bc I am from GA also! :P So, where in GA are you? I am about 45 min north of atlanta.

Jarret said...

"Men and women who truly care about this nation"

Yeah, men and women who, say, managed to get Donald "you get what you have" Rumsfeld out of office, by proxy of course.

Then again, I must not be a patriot, since I don't support the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act. It's right there in the name, you know?

Just ask Orwell.